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The Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen has made an abundant variety of Christmas preparations to welcome everyone into a festive holiday...
and Plus...
Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra Concert Information,April 25, 2008
Xiamen's first hot springs park is popular with tourists and residents as well. On about 260 000 square metres, you can enjoy the wonderful...
Take a look at the picturesque Old City of Xiamen... and you will discover that not only Gulangyu has got sites that are worth a second look. Especially after visiting other Chinese cities, it is not that hard to...
Come and enjoy our selection of Malt Whiskies...
The Olympic flame will arrive in Xiamen May 12, 2008 and the Olympic Torch Relay will be held as well. The flame will be carried by 100 torchbears from all over the country including 25 from Xiamen...
Although people living in Xiamen seldom have the chance to see snow, an ice sculpture show arranged during the Spring Festival holiday has given them a glimpse into the ice world...
Xiamen (China) Sports & Leisure Goods Fair 2008;The 8th China Xiamen International Stone Fair;The 12th China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition...
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